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Beauty and the Bully & TeamFloppyEars

Kyla and Chad of Beauty and the Bully and Team Floppy Ears have the privilege of working together to help you and your canine friend however you are in need. We offer many services to make your life with a dog the best it can be!

Dog Boarding

Your four-legged friend will love staying at Kyla’s Canine Camp while you are out of town! You can enjoy yourself knowing he/she will be in a safe, fulfilling environment while being loved and treated like our own. All of our fur-friends receive multiple walks per day as well as free time in the backyard playing games with us or with other dogs (if they are dog-friendly). Additionally, they love a little temporary social media fame! 😉 We accept all breeds, ages and personalities.


Price: $35 per night

Dog Training

Private Lessons: If you prefer more of a one-on-one experience or have a reactive dog then we can most definitely accommodate that with one-hour private lessons. Prices vary depending on what you want to work on and your location.


Travel to us starting at $100


Travel to you starting at $150

Board and Train

2-Week Custom Program: If you are experiencing a couple of behavioral issues with your pup that may require a little time to change, then Board and Train is certainly the best option! Depending on your training goals, we form a training plan that will get your pup on the right track during this 14-day crash course. By removing them from their usual environment where they have created bad habits we are able to reprogram them, so to speak. We introduce them to a new structured routine and a more well-mannered way of life.


We also include introductory level Obedience with all of our Board and Train clients. Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place, Kennel, Leave It, other household manners and loose-leash walking will all be worked on.


Board and Train is also a wonderful option for your dog to have the most optimal socialization opportunities. We obviously have them around all of our other current dogs with supervision and teach proper play and social manners (if it is a dog aggressive case we take proper precautions and do not let them freely interact with other dogs). We also take each dog to multiple public places and teach them how to behave no matter where they are.


Upon completion of the 2-week stay with us, we include a reintegration training session and teach you how to be the best handler you can be and continue the training.

Price: $1,400

Online Tutorials

Coming Soon…