Jax, the inspiration of Beauty and the Bully, is a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He was dumped on the streets as a puppy and picked up by the Tulare Animal Shelter in Central California; it is unknown where exactly he came from or how long he was on the streets for. After living in the shelter for several weeks, Jax was adopted at about 4 months of age by Kyla Weller (Founder and President of Beauty and the Bully).

Jax loves to swim, go on hikes, play with other doggies, and will overwhelm you with kisses and cuddles. His loyalty and unconditional love undeniably pours out of him. He has been, and forever will be given a wonderful life and will never have to worry about being homeless again.

Jax has endured breed discrimination by many and if he could talk would mostly certainly ask why. He gets along great with other dogs (he’s met hundreds) and all dogs love him. As a matter of fact, many other dog owners are surprised to see their usual anti-social dogs interact so well with Jax. He caters his play level to that of the other dog, no matter how big or small. He was extremely fearful of people in the beginning but has never shown even the slightest sign of aggression. He has come a long way with his fear of strangers and will now often kiss them to death within 30 seconds of meeting them. Interestingly enough, he has always had an immense fondness and gentleness with children as well as an amazing natural instinct with the disabled. That is what is in his DNA, a lover not a fighter – a true pit. Jax will soon achieve his Canine Good Citizen certification and will continue on to therapy animal training.



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Julius is a six-year-old Red-Nose American Pit Bull Terrier. At five-months of age she was roaming the streets all by herself, as she probably had all her life thus far, when she approached Ralf Weber and his older German Shepherd, Sylvester, on their walk. Although starved and filthy, she was still so sweet and friendly. She was not marked with a collar, tags or microchip so she was clearly abandoned and left to fend for herself. Julius followed Ralf and Sylvester all the way home, right beside them as if she belonged. After giving her some much needed nutrition, Ralf decided to keep her since she would likely be euthanized if she was brought to a shelter, being a Pit Bull. She and German Shepherd Sylvester have been best buddies ever since!

Julius is truly an eternal puppy with her playful behavior and humorous personality. She loves to lounge on chairs and sunbathe whenever she gets the chance to. She is a very curious, sweet dog with a natural great demeanor – very friendly with people and other dogs alike. As any girl, Julius loves shoes and likes to bring them to Ralf, particularly when he does not need them.

Even the puppy-like Julius receives judgmental glares from anyone who recognizes her breed. She does not even look intimidating as many other bully breeds do but people still cringe when they are told she is a Pit Bull. Ralf has learned to laugh at their ignorant behavior rather than take offense to it. Julius is happy either way. She is a wonderful breed ambassador and will melt the heart of anyone who catches her puppy-eyed expression.



Aja, pronounced Asia, is a six-month old American Pit Bull Terrier puppy. After losing their American Bulldog to osteosarcoma, Doug and Becky were ready to open up their hearts again and provide a fur-ever home for another pup in need. They found Aja on the San Bernardino Animal Shelter’s website – a stray with a congenital heart defect, likely abandoned because of it. After one glance at her they fell in love. Doug and Becky were lucky enough to beat out the wait list and adopted her as soon as she was released from the seven day hold. Now she is enjoying her new happy and safe home where she will never have to survive alone on the streets again.

During the two short months that they have had Aja, Doug and Becky have discovered how intelligent she is – a trademark of the breed. She loves to play with her stuffed toy friends, fetch, and take walks around the neighborhood. She will gladly take a ride in the truck or golf cart and check out anything new that comes in sight. Aja also has a love of water– playing in the river is her favorite. After a good day’s play, she will drown you in kisses and curl up with you for nap time. She is so sweet that her veterinarian has even made a note in her file that she is extra happy!

Aja’s short life has not given much room for public discrimination thus far; but her owners know that many of the camp sites that they stay at will not allow Pit Bull dogs. In addition, the shelter posted on Aja’s profile that if she was not adopted quickly, she would be euthanized. Being a Pit Bull is enough to give them reason to do so, and with the heart defect she barely stood a chance in the shelter system. Doug and Becky had already experienced numerous judgments from other people with their previous bully breed dog, Lucky. People often cleared the way for them out of fear, despite the fact that Lucky was so kind and loved people. With this previous experience, they are ready to embrace owning a Pit Bull and the judgments that come along with it. Aja is also ready to take her place as a breed ambassador! Keep Aja in your prayers as they will be finding out shortly if she will need surgery on her heart or if the valve defect can be managed with medication alone.



Spencer is a three to four-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix with Bulldog/Boxer. Little is known about his past. He was living with a foster parent for over a year when his current adopters, Julia and Michael Kessler, found him through an adoption agency online. The family is now complete!

Spencer is a real cuddle bug; there is nothing he enjoys more than snuggling up beside you. He loves to chew and play with his deer antler and go for walks.

Despite being a wonderful dog, Spencer has been rejected by Doggy Day Cares and Pet Hotels simply because he is a bully breed. It is difficult to find a place for him to interact with other dogs because many insurance policies do not allow Pit Bulls. Little do they know, this boy is quite the charmer and their has yet been anyone to meet him that does not like him. His intelligence and great demeanor makes him the perfect house companion whether it is a quiet night in or a house full of guests.



Noodlez is a one-year-old pure bred AKC Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She was the runt of a litter of eight puppies that Chelsey Wallace’s friend had. Noodlez was so tiny that she could not eat or drink on her own; she had to be bottle fed by hand. The chances of her surviving were very low. After Chelsey (one of our Beauties) personally bottle fed her and helped nurse her back to health, the bond was formed. Nobody wanted to adopt poor Noodlez because of her extremely small size. However, this worked in Chelsey’s favor as she immediately decided to take her in and they have been best friends ever since. Now she is full grown at just 25lb – our sweet little petite Staffy!

Noodlez is a highly affectionate and loving little girl; she loves kisses, hugs, and cuddling around the clock. She enjoys her play dates with other puppies and chasing tennis balls. Noodlez adores children and is instantly drawn to the younger kids, making her a great representation of this breeds nickname: “The Nanny Dog.” Most recently, she has taken a liking to swimming with her doggy life vest.

In spite of her very small size, Noodlez’ appearance still invites unsolicited judgments from people everywhere. Chelsey is often told how “dangerous” or “vicious” bully breeds like Noodlez can be. Instead of fighting with them, she simply questions how they came to that conclusion, and it is always related to what they have seen on television or the internet. It does not phase Noodlez, though; she will just look at them with that big trademark Staffy smile that she wears at all times. Chelsey considers Noodlez such a blessing and joy to have her by her side. Clearly, great things come in small packages! (You can follow Noodlez on Instagram @staffy_noodlez)



Cassie is a five-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. She also goes by Pig Dog (because of her stout stature, pink nose and pig-like ears) and Cassie J. Pig (what is the ‘J’ for you ask? Just because). She was rescued by David and Sandra Crozier from the Orange County Animal shelter where they listed her as a stray. Without tags or a microchip, Cassie’s life prior to her rescuing is unknown. All the Crozier family knew is that they wanted to give a shelter puppy a good home after losing their white Pit Bull to cancer the week before. They originally went to the shelter for a different dog but found Cassie instead, happy and ready to go home with them. This is a testament to the fact that we do not choose dogs we want, but the dogs that we need choose us instead.

Cassie is a people lover and sure has a lot of love to give. Whether you think you need them or not, she will constantly give you reminders of her love with kisses. She enjoys giving herself the duty of watching over the house and making sure no bad guys are coming their way! She looks forward to greeting people that come through the door with excited whines and howls and immediately offers to share her bone with you. Her favorite time is snuggle time, as long as she asks for permission to get on the bed.

Cassie has dealt with lots of judgment from people who hold negative stereotypes about Pit Bull type dogs. People tend to behave as if she is going to hurt them. She does not understand why they they do not want to meet her as much as she wants to meet them and show them that Pit Bulls really are the best kissers! Cassie has made her family quite happy with these kisses and by being a real character. Her parents ask that if anyone wants a dog, to please consider a “pound puppy.” As with Cassie, the path these rescue dogs have taken to get to you may not always be known, but if you give them the chance they will be your best friend and you will be lucky to have them.



Lucy is a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier currently under the care of Death Row Dog Rescue. Lucy has been cycled through rescues three different times, all in very dangerous scenarios. She is suspected to originally be from a puppy mill, an establishment where they over breed dogs for profit under extremely inhumane conditions. She seems to have already had several litters of puppies at her young age and her scars are visual reminders that she has been through very tough times.

Despite the abuse and harsh living conditions that she has endured, Lucy made it through like a champ and is an absolute sweetheart! She is a wonderful breed ambassador as she has every reason to dislike humans after what she has been through but she has never lost her trust in them! She is still eager to please, learns quickly and very much enjoys company. Her trademark move that could melt even the coldest of hearts is when she gently rests her paws on you and gazes deeply in your eyes. She is so calm and will never deny a cuddle session.

Lucy has unfortunately had the short end of the Pit Bull perception stick throughout her life until now. As millions of other Pit Bulls are, she has been treated horribly and disregarded because of her breed. All of the previous shelters were ready to put her down because of her state and breed. Thank goodness for Death Row Dog Rescue who found her and gives her the love she deserves until she can love a family of her very own for the first time in her life. She is in training and rehabilitation with Ralf Weber at Happy Dog Training and ready to complete someone’s home! Please contact us if you are interested in adopting her and we will arrange a meeting through Death Row Dog Rescue.



Tessa is a five-year-old Blue-Nose American Pit Bull Terrier. She was a rescue from a local shelter and has been a playful pup since the very beginning. She loves people so much that she would experience separation anxiety when she was left alone! She is calm, loving, and always excited to greet new friends and other dogs with her sweet demeanor.

Despite her lovaBULL nature, Tessa is constantly being judged. People automatically assume that because she is a pit bull she is dangerous or aggressive. However, the second they meet her they realize they were wrong! Tessa is a great role model and breed ambassador because she is always willing to prove haters wrong through her example. She will be happy to meet anyone, whether they judge her or not, she is the sweetest dog.

Tessa’s mama (one of our official Beauties, Brittany) and daddy always call her an old soul because of her gentleness. Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle and lay in the sun. She also enjoys playing with their other dog, Bella, a long haired chihuahua. They get along really well! No matter the size or breed difference, Bella does not look at Tessa and see a Pit Bull; she only sees a sister.


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