Beauty & The Bully | Adoption Application
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Adoption Application

  • Adoptee Information

    Completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption of an animal. Please be sure to provide complete and detailed answers. The Board of Directors will evaluate each application and review the home visit report before approving an adoption. The evaluation of each adoption application will be done considering what is in the best interest of the dog. We thank you for taking the time to complete this application.
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  • Thank You!

    Thank you for completing your application with Beauty and the Bully. Before you submit the application, if you have specified that you want a puppy, please also consider adopting an adult or senior dog. The puppy stage lasts only six months, and the ones that really need homes are the adult and senior dogs. We all love puppies, but they become teenagers and adults very quickly. The older dogs are terrific, too, and just waiting to be adopted. They are often already house trained and know basic obedience. If you truly want to rescue a pet, consider adopting an adult or senior dog. They are the last ones anyone wants and the numbers waiting to come into rescue programs like ours are very high. Beauty and the Bully is a non-profit, 100% donation run organization; the adoption donation fee is used to recover the costs involved running the rescue. These costs include but are not limited to; Animal Shelter Fees, Spay/Neuter, Food, Housing, Vaccinations, De-worming, and any Veterinary Exams, or medical care that our animals may require. We would not have been able to save the life of the animal you applied to adopt without the adoption donation from another that came before him or her. The adoption fee is non-refundable and is due in full at the time you take home your new fur-child. Beauty and the Bully, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any applicant.