Beauty & The Bully | About Us
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About Us

Beauty & The Bully

Beauty and the Bully, Inc. is a dedicated to spreading positive awareness for women and bully breed dogs.


Women and bully breed dogs have something major in common – both are falsely judged based on their appearances. Often times pageant contestants and models are perceived as narcissist, arrogant, uneducated and even mindless simply because of the way they look. Similarly, bully breed dogs are seen as aggressive killers or monsters, according to the media, largely because of their intimidating look. It is our mission to banish stereotypes for both concerned by spreading positive messages and images as well as education. Beauties and Bullies are uniting to counteract these false representations and set out together to educate the community about breed discrimination.

Our Beauties are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Many possess extremely prestigious titles and have been quite successful in the modeling industry. In addition, all of our Beauties are some of the most highly educated, ambitious, well-spoken women who have and will continue to make a difference in the world. The compassion that embodies them is what makes them true Beauties.


Our Bullies are actually anything but “bullies.” They will indeed attack — with kisses! The genuine, unconditional love that Pit Bulls and other bully breed dogs share is like that of no other; if only we could say the same about humans. Each of our Bullies has experienced the bad rap that society has given them first-hand. All of which are rescue dogs and are eager to show the world their PAWsitive true nature.


Aside from spreading positive awareness and educating the public, Beauty and the Bully will become a safe haven for these bullied “bullies” and women alike. With support, Beauty and the Bully will be a true sanctuary providing a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center unlike any other.


Strong women + powerful dogs = unstoppable voices to advocate change.

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